E-Commerce Development

e-commerce-developmentE-commerce has become a highly sophisticated method of intricate balance. E-commerce has re-written how business is conducted in the new millennium, most recently in the last couple of years. With the global economy in a fine balancing act, it has become more critical that websites portray a professional appearance. Long gone are the day’s when it was as easy as posting a “simple template website” and you directed people to your “showcase” website. Today, websites, especially e-commerce sites depend on a multitude of factors to determine their success. Or failure.

Shopping Cart Deployment (E-Commerce Systems)

The requirement for every enterprise in implementing e-commerce solutions is so diverse that flexibility and scalability play a very important role. Make sure you analyze your needs, but don’t underestimate the power a professionally executed e-commerce site has to offer. We have clients that are doing very large numbers with their e-commerce businesses.

You will also want to make sure you choose an industry proven e-commerce system, that is scalable and functional.

There are a number of e-commerce applications available today, commercial and open source. Don’t let the open source term fool you though. Many open source e-commerce systems rival top of the line e-commerce systems that might otherwise cost literally tens of thousands of dollars. The open source e-commerce solutions often pack serious capabilities, but along with that power often comes a complexity that less than the highly experienced professional web development team should not even consider on their own.

Make sure your web development team can offer you services in strategic planning as well as accurate evaluation of e-commerce system capabilities and expandability. Our Custom Technology Implementation enables us to develop dynamic, tailored, flexible and scalable e-commerce solutions to help our clients achieve their goals, not just today, but also to meet the increasing demands of tomorrow.

Services you will need for proper implementation of your e-commerce site:

  • Payment Gateway – Choose the right provider
  • Payment Gateway Integration – Properly implement and setup the gateway solution
  • Secure Socket Layers – SSL Certificates (Protection of sensitive information of your customers)
  • PCI Compliance – Mandatory requirements for consumer protection
  • Hosting requirements – Assure future expandability without investing too much initially
  • Marketing Resources – Without sufficient traffic, even the most appealing products and websites will have little if any results
  • SEO and SEM – Search engine optimization is vital for the success of any modern day e-commerce site. This must be built into the site from square one.
  • Maintain your e-commerce site – E-commerce is a “hands on” business. Maintenance is crucial for your success