osCommerce Help

osCommerce is an open source ecommerce system that has been around for many years. osCommerce has a large following of users and there are literally thousands of ecommerce sites out there using osCommerce.

One of the reasons that osCommerce is so popular is that along with it being open source, the code is fairly intuitive, therefore not too difficult for a decent programmer to be able to figure out how to custom tailor the program to meet their needs. Along with the intuitive and clean coding is the huge following of users and contributors that offer input, assistance and contributions in the way of code modifications to the community.

A stock “out of the box” implementation of osCommerce is fairly vanilla and doesn’t offer much in the way of search engine optimization, but with a bit of work, osCommerce can be quite a powerful ecommerce solution. One of our early clients, actually one of our first implementations of osCommerce does six figures monthly with their osCommerce site. That site required heavy modifications from a stock osCommerce application, including much effort in the way of search engine optimization, and other features necessary in todays eccomerce world.

Another one of our osCommerce sites, Work Truck Outfitters, does a fair amount of ecommerce business. Work Truck Outfitters sells work truck accessories, work truck equipment and work truck hardware. By the way, try doing a search on Google for “Work Truck Accessories” and see how Work Truck Outfitters does.

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