Magento Commerce Help

The Magento E-Commerce application is one of the fastest growing e-commerce solutions out there. Magento is an “open source” e-commerce solution, although to the inexperienced web developer or e-commerce application developer, the program can be daunting. But the power of the application is incredible and can go head-to-head with almost any commercial shopping cart system out there.

If you’ve ever used other open source shopping cart programs (ecommerce programs) like osCommerce, you may find that Magento has a really STEEP learning curve and finding help on the Magento ecommerce application may be tough to do.

To begin with, Magento consists of somewhere around 20,000 files that make up the system. If anyone knows the exact number, feel free to comment, I just know that the times I’ve thrown away various versions of Magento and I empty my trash, it counts up to somewhere over 20,000 files before starting to empty the trash.

Also, if you reference one of our other Magento articles, the one regarding callouts in Magento, you will have read that pretty much everything regarding a page output in Magento uses files from two sections; the app directory and the skin directory. Finding which two files for everything can be a nightmare as well.

Hopefully you’ll find this site helpful when it comes time for needing help with Magento Ecommerce. If you’re interested in getting a quote on having some work done, feel free to contact us for a free consultation.

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