A Valuable Way To Promote Your Magento Store

This really doesn’t relate to a Magento problem, but thought we might mention it any way. Most everybody probably knows, but Wordpress is a great open source blog software that can double as a great website CMS. Quite flexible and easy to use, Wordpress is great for creating a blog related to your Magento site or even a supplemental site to help feed traffic to your Magento site or osCommerce site. We’re still working on ours for our sites, but we did just complete a customer website and news blog. The site is for ALMS race team, Genoa Racing. They haven’t had a website in years, so it’s been a bit of a challenge getting Google to find them, but we’re now making great progress. Without Wordpress, it would have been a much more tedious job.

Thought we’d throw that out there for anyone that wants an easy solution to promoting their Magento site or osCommerce site or any other site for that matter.

Web Development Application Allows Flexibility

When one of our long time web development clients approached us with the need for a new website for their law firm, we were obviously excited. When they informed us they would need the power and flexibility of having a user interface that would allow them to update the website in the future themselves, we were equally excited, as we have been looking forward to developing client accounts utilizing a great program we came up with that allows incredible flexibility for our customers!
WAPT-WeAppealPropertyTax is a website for Michigan Real Estate Attorneys that specialize in property tax appeals in the state of Michigan. The site is fairly clean, with very little clutter and quite simple to navigate. Their focus is on one thing and that is providing commercial real estate property owners in the State of Michigan with assistance in decreasing their property taxes, resulting in higher profits for the owners.