How To Untar a TAR File

This is mainly for our reference, but anyway, if you forget how to untar a tar file using SSH, the command is:

tar xvf the-filename-you-want-to-untar.tar

That’s it. Big time quicker than uploading the files with your ftp client.

Stop Dr. Web Antivirus Update Emails

After tons emails about Dr. Web updates, I finally found a solution:

Log in as root (or you can use sudo) and open /etc/drweb/drweb32.ini:

Look for:

CronSummary = Yes

And change it to:

CronSummary = No

Do a restart for the Dr. Web daemon by (add sudo in the beginning if not using root):

/etc/init.d/drwebd restart

How To Get Remote File Using Apple Terminal

Okay, so this may not have anything to do directly with Magento or osCommerce, but indirectly it does. Instead of using ftp to transfer a 700M file from a server to your local machine, we like to use Terminal, Mac’s command line utility. We found this helpful hint for transferring a file from our web server to our local machine.

Open Terminal, log in if necessary.

type: curl -OL

In this case, is your url and yourfile.ext is the exact filename. You can also use this with your ip address in case you’ve already changed the DNS, which in our case we had.

Pretty cool tool!

Problems With DrWeb Sending Failure e-mail Notices

If you have your own server and you are getting failure notice emails from DrWeb Antivirus, you need to make some changes to your settings.

You should change the crontab of the DrWeb update to not mail you in the first place – this will remove all the spam you recieve at every DrWeb update.

Login to Plesk as Admin.

In the Settings -> Scheduled Tasks -> drweb (just click the link)

You change the Command of the cronjob by adding a “>/dev/null 2>&1″ to the end of command. I.e.


/opt/drweb/ >/dev/null 2>&1

This will make sure that Crontab does not mail you with the output of the updatescript every time it exits.

Please keep in mind that depending on your OS – for some reason there might also be a crontab entry for the update in your filesystem under


Where you will also need to edit the commandstring to be “/opt/drweb/ >/dev/null 2>&1″