About Imagedia

e-commerce-solutionsToday, the internet is so much more than a simple website or ”homepage”. If your business doesn’t have a serious presence on the internet, you’re falling backwards. A proactive approach must be implemented to assure you don’t lose out, especially in todays challenging, global market. Many companies are investing literally millions of dollars in their internet marketing budgets. We have clients that invest tens of thousands of dollars each month to ensure their placement with search engines and maximize their traffic.

We have been in the internet and web development business since 1997 and have been implementing and developing e-commerce applications since 2002. We have been exposed to numerous e-commerce applications and e-commerce software and have developed e-commerce sites for a number of top e-commerce sites.

The main difference we have to offer over other e-commerce development companies is that we focus on solutions for you rather than just how much money we can make off of you. By utilizing our customer driven approach, we develop long term relationships with our clients, therefore solidifying our rate of success. As a matter of fact, our very first client from 1997 is still a current client of ours. Our second client from that same year is still our customer. We still have a relationship with our first e-commerce development customer as well!

Call today to see if we might be able to assist you with your e-commerce application and e-commerce development needs.