How To Use The Custom Layout Update In Magento

As anyone who uses Magento may know, getting a grasp on how things work with Magento can be pretty mind boggling at times. But along with that, I have to say it’s pretty nice when things work out for you. One of those cases is figuring out how to use custom layout updates on categories or products in magento. Turns out it can be pretty simple.

Recently, we wanted to do a custom layout update to Real Work that announced an $80 rebate on select Warn Winches. We wanted it to appear on the applicable category as well as all of the products in that category.

First, we went to Magento Admin > CMS > Static Blocks

Select Add New Block

Put in you block title. In this case we named it Warn Rebate

Next enter the identifier. This is what will be used in you actual code. This one for us is warn_rebate

Make status “Enabled”

For content we made it <h1>$80 Mail In Rebate on select Warn Winches. Offer ends 7-31-11</h1>

Save your block.

Next go to your category under Catalog > Mange Categories

Select the category, in this case it was “Warn Winches and Hoists“. Under the “Custom Design” tab, you’ll see the box called “Custom Layout Update”. Put your code in that box to call your CMS Static Block. The code we used looks like this:

<reference name=”left”><block type=”cms/block” name=”warn_rebate” before=”-”><action method=”setBlockId”><block_id>warn_rebate</block_id></action></block></reference>

With the “Apply To” drop down menu, we selected “This category and it’s products only”

Click save category. There you go, you’re all set. Refresh your cache in Magento Admin then go to your website category to see the changes.

That’s it, that’s how you “Use The Custom Layout Update In Magento

That’s how

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