/app/Mage.php was not found using Magento

Okay guys, here is the blockbuster of all time. Any of you trying to do Multiple Stores Using Magento as we discussed in a post from a year or so ago and getting a message like /app/Mage.php was not found ?

Well, believe it or not, we have NEVER found the solution anywhere in our searching the internet, but it turns out it’s a common problem with lot’s of searches.

So, you want to know the solution if you’ve added your symlinks, your vhosts.conf and vhosts_ssl.conf files and still have problems with Magento showing /app/Mage.php was not found ?

Go to Plesk, select your website domain, go to web hosting configuration, and TURN OFF (uncheck) php Safe Mode On.

That’s it!

You’ll hate yourself if you’ve been searching for the solution to the ever common /app/Mage.php was not found using Magento.

How To Make Ship To This Address Default in Magento Checkout

Recently, we found this solution for how to make ship to this address the default selection in Magento checkout. Using phpMyAdmin, go to your database for Magento and go to the sales_flat_quote_address table.

On structure click the edit icon for same_as_billing

The default value is “0″ (zero). Change the default value to “1″ (No parentheses of course.)

In Magento admin, you may need to refresh your cache.

That’s it. We like it a lot better to have the Ship to This Address already checked during Magento Checkout.

Customizing Magento Admin - Part 2

For those of you wanting to customize the admin section of Magento a little bit more than my previous article, How to change “Magento Admin” to “My Company Admin” for the title of the admin pages.

Now, we want to go just a little further. We want to put our clients logo in the upper left corner instead of the Magento logo. Also, we want to get rid of the ugly header background. (No offense Varien!)

Start by creating your logo for the admin. Name it logo.gif and place it in the /skin/adminhtml/default/default/images/ folder.

Next, go to /skin/adminhtml/default/default/ and open boxes.css Go down about half way and find the HEADER & FOOTER section. Gt rid of the call to the background image. Change the background color to what you want. You may have to change font colors depending on your background color choice.

There you go, just a few quick changes and your Magento Admin has a new and customized look!

Customizing Magento Admin

It may not really matter to many people out there, but many times our clients want a customized look for their Magento Admin. For instance, how do you change the title of the Magento Admin section pages from “Magento Admin” to “Your Company Admin”?


Well the file is somewhat hidden, but not as much as many things with Magento. Go here: app/design/adminhtml/default/default/layout/main.xml

You’ll find the page_head code that reads <title>Magento Admin</title>

Change that to <title>My Company Admin</title>

Save the file. You may have to refresh your cache in Magento admin.

There you go, there’s the first step of how to change Magento Admin to My Company Admin.