Add pop-up window in Dreamweaver

Things You’ll Need:
. Step 1

Start Dreamweaver. Open a new blank document by selecting “HTML” in the “New” category on the introduction splash screen.
. Step 2

Type the word “Link” or some other text so you can test out the pop-up window onto your new blank HTML document and select it when you are finished.
. Step 3

Choose the “Window” menu, and then “Behaviors” to bring up the Behaviors panel.
. Step 4

Click on the “+” symbol and then choose “Open Browser Window” to view the Open Browser Window pop-up properties. Here, you can set the specific properties you would like to apply to your pop-up window.
. Step 5

Key in, copy and paste or browse to input the URL you wish the visitor to be directed to when he clicks on the word “Link” in your document.
. Step 6

Specify the width and height of the pop-up, as well as any attributes you want the pop-up to contain such as a toolbar, menu bar, status bar, scrollbars or resize handles and click “OK.”
. Step 7

Select “onClick” from the Events column in the Behaviors panel to set the pop-up window to occur when the word “Link” is clicked.

Bulk upload of products in Magento including images

If you’ve ever used the import products utility in Magento, you may have discovered that it is difficult to get the images to import with the products correctly.

Here is a summary of how you need to do your csv file for correct import and upload.

To make things easy, select your store in the Magento admin, go to a category in that store and create a sample product, including adding an image. Once complete, go to “System>Import/Export>Profiles” and select “Export All Products”. Select the store where you just created your sample product. Click the “Save and Continue Editing” button, then go to “Run Profile”.

Once completed, ftp to your server and navigate to var/export and retrieve your file to your desktop. Open the csv file in your spreadsheet program and now you have a model to work with.

Populate all fields of your spreadsheet with your product information. IMPORTANT: For your image files, put the name in the fields making sure you put a forward slash (/) in front of the image name.

Once complete, you will need to do one more thing before import and this is critical. Upload all of your images to the media/import directory on your server.

Now, when you do your import through the Magento admin, the import script will include your image in the upload. It sounds crazy, but this is the only way to accomplish a successful upload including images in Magento.

Changing php.ini for longer execution time

If you’re running a script on a website that takes more than 60 seconds to complete, you may get an error message similar to:

Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 60 seconds exceeded

If this occurs, what you simply need to do is change your php.ini file.

Find the line that reads max_execution_time = 60

Change that line to read max_execution_time = 1800

1800 is equal to 30 minutes, which should be plenty of time for pretty much any script to run.

After making the change to your php.ini file, you’ll need to run the command: /sbin/service httpd restart

Hope this helps.

Hint for Changing IP Address for Domain

Just a hint when changing IP Addresses for a live domain.

Change the settings of your nameservers first with your registrar. (NS and NS2, Etc.)

Then change your IP address in your hosting control panel such as Plesk.

By changing IP address assignments this way, I have found that propagation turns out to be much quicker than the expected 24 hours. Many of mine I have seen change almost instantly. If I change it first in the hosting panel, it turns out to take much longer for propagation.